Your Technology Plan Needs Help (so I’ve scheduled a workshop)

THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN, ARE YOU PREPARED? A couple things to be aware of with our new administration… The department of education is changing. Of even greater importance is that school choice may be huge for all of us.

That means quality programs, signature programs, are more important now than ever.

How important is increased enrollment?

Imagine the impact this can have on your enrollment? The question though is “What will impress parents”? I have conducted and read hundreds of parent surveys and I’m sure you’ve seen quite a few also. What is constantly at or near the top? Technology!

Using technology to play games is not the answer

I’m not talking about playing games or visiting websites but real project-based technology use within the standards based curriculum.

For over 15 years BEYOND Technology Education has been planning and implementing quality technology plans that parents love, teachers adore and students find “awesome”! You cannot afford not to learn this information. The plan is simple but requires time to plan and prepare for.

It is imperative to plan now for next school year

Now is the optimum time to start evaluating if this is the program that will set your school apart from the rest. Be a leader and lead your school into the future!

Learn this valuable information

The time is now to start preparing for a quality technology program for the 2021 school year. You be the parents’ choice! Contact us for a private conversation about your school and how technology can make your school better.

Prepare your students for the future


Is your school prepared for HyFlex teaching?

Hy – Hybrid

Flex – Flexible Instruction

HyFlex instruction is instruction that blends online, Face-to-Face (F2F), Synchronous , and Asynchronous learning.

We discuss in our latest on-demand webinar.

Let’s talk about technology improvements for your school,

no pressure.

Let’s connect and determine your school’s technology needs. Our thorough evaluation will determine the best next steps to advance your school into the digital world!

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