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Together we can do so much…

Our community of innovative educators is growing and I am so thankful for that! As Ms. Keller so admirably pointed out above, we need each other if we are to grow.

The challenging job of a Principal

The job of a school Principal is not easy. Especially when it comes to major decisions regarding instruction, scheduling, discipline and technology.

With discipline, you are on your own. I can’t help you there. I could probably shed a little light on being the “disciplined” since I found myself headed to the Principal’s office way too often.

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” — Helen Keller

From the School Principal’s office to the CEO’s office

Some of you know my story. It’s simple really. Technology saved me. I was smart enough in school but not focused enough. Traditional methods didn’t appeal to me.

My father, an engineer, did not understand me. My mother, a super-social person, did not understand me. In all actuality, I did not understand me.

My first computer, she understood me. She was patient. She was organized. She was fast. She was actually a $4,000 computer and was a pretty big deal in 1983.

She helped me communicate in ways I never could. My “average” school work turned into “straight-A” work. I fell in love.

I’m still in love with technology and more

30 years later I am still in love. In love with my career (CEO of a major technology consulting, integration and implementation company). In love with my wife and son. In love with computers.

In love with my ability to speak to you and share my love and help you make decisions about technology that can impact your school. Impact your staff and students. Impact your communities.

Principals make hard decisions regarding technology

Every 6 to 9 months, school principals need to make some sort of major technology related decision. These decisions can impact the school’s budget but even more importantly, these decisions can impact the quality of education taking place in your classrooms. Relevant and timely information is critical at these moments.

For over 25 years I have been providing guidance and support to school principals around the country. Yes, it has been that long that computers have been working their way into our classrooms. Now more than ever, information, ideas and support are needed.

The power of information and the K-12 Daily Dose Blog

I have been running the “K-12 Daily Dose Blog” and newsletter for several years now. We have had some good times. We currently have two guest bloggers that you will learn more about over the next several weeks. Here are some brief introductions.

Professor Malia Hoffman and her Technology Ideas

Dr. Malia Hoffmann is an Assistant Professor in The School of Education at California State University in Fullerton, CA. She most recently was a Professor at Concordia University in Irvine, CA.

You may have seen or heard her work as a speaker at CUE, ISTE, FETC and many other national conferences. Her role is to prepare teachers to use technology in their classrooms and she is an expert in the TPACK methodology. She also serves our country as a Captain in the Air Force Reserve. She is an exceptional educator.

Ms. Kluger teaching in the most dangerous place on earth

Christine Kluger is a teacher working with students in Palestine in the Middle East. Yes, an American woman working in Palestine. Christine left her high-paying corporate job in finance to work with students in this distant and dangerous place. Why you ask?

That is a great question and over the next several months she will be guest blogging for us to answer that question and to share her experiences in such a turbulent region.

When your teachers have complaints about their working conditions I encourage you to share these posts with them. It will change their perspective forever.

What to look forward to over the next school year

  • Other items of interest we will be bringing to you this school year will be:
  • Informational webinars (we are actively seeking your input on our webinar series and blog topics)
  • On-going blog reports from Professor Hoffmann
  • Updates on teaching in Palestine from Christine Kluger
  • Livestreaming and updates from the California CUE Conferencein March, 2017
  • Dr. Hoffmann’s TPACK and SWIMGrid Analysis White Paper to be published in Q1 of 2017

Updates, speakers, discount codes and an invitation to our Google G Suite Training for Teachers in Palm Springs, CA in August of 2017

Lots of good stuff to look forward to. Thanks again for being part of this vibrant and curious community. Please comment below and give us feedback. We read every word you post and value your input so much. That is part of what “community” is all about.

In conclusion: Our Community, Learning Together

This blog has one single purpose and that is to provide timely, accurate, lighthearted, deep and sometimes irreverent education technology information. Information that can help you make decisions to improve your school, your classrooms, your teachers effectiveness and your career.

Thank you for being part of our community of innovative educators. Please comment and share these words with your colleagues and others.

Read them. Understand them. Reflect on them and know that they are for you. They are for the benefit of our community and remember that “together, we can do so much.”


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