So many educators claim to be experts or gurus. Most of them are wrong.

However, one guy does fit the bill: Richard Byrne (and not just because my dad’s name is Richard, but it doesn’t hurt!).

I put Richard in the same rare air as Alice Keeler, Catlin Tucker, Vicki Davis, Kasey Bell and Tom Vander Ark. All are exceptional education technology minds.

Richard Byrne interviews Dr. Malia Hoffmann from CSUF and Ernie Delgado, CEO of BEYOND Technology Education.

Richard Byrne, #EdTechStud

Richard Byrne has been one of the top education bloggers for years ( and is one of the most sought-after speakers in the country, booking gigs at ISTE, NECC and more. He is an edtech stud! #edtechstud

A Great Interview

Malia Hoffmann and I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Richard yesterday.

We talked about how Google G-Suite for Education is reshaping classrooms around the world and how teachers are starving for ways to get up to speed, quickly. Like, before school starts!

I encourage you to watch this video. It was such a great time chatting.


Although we were talking from 3 different parts of the country (Alabama, Maine and Orange County, CA), the conversation was so rich and flowed so nicely. What a pleasure to collaborate with these two experts.

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