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Getting Technology Right is Crucial

Finding the right curriculum, staff an IT can be tricky. But does it have to be?

Digital literacy, citizenship, safety as well as computer science topics are in the news daily regarding our schools. The Governors have all agreed that this needs to be taught starting in primary years.

We believe that a new approach that goes Beyond Technology is necessary, one that focuses on:

Technology Plus Digital Literacy and Computer Science Curriculum Grades K-8
Entrepreneur, Marketing, and Non Profit Curriculum for Future Business Owners Grades 6-12
Full Stack Web Development Curriculum Grades 6-12
Makerspace Unplugged Grades K-8
Robotics, 3D Printing, AI/Machine Learning Curriculum
Technology Instructor provided or you can provide your own
Professional Development with Staff Assessments
Custom Lessons
Tech Support / Staffing
Full classroom integration


School-Wide Integration Model

Curriculum and More

01. Action Plan Team

We will work with you to build the right team across stakeholders to not only implement but get buy-in from your staff.

06. Iterate

Just like Silicon Valley we have to be prepared to iterate as needed. Our team stays up to date with the latest technology so you nare ever left behind. Technology is always changing, we are here to help!

05. Curriculum Design

Our K-12 curriculums meet many different states

and national requirements. They can be stand-alone classes or fully integrated into your existing classes. Digital Literacy, Computer Science, Coding, and Makerspace are designed to work with your main teachers or a specialty teacher. A key element of our curriculum is combining with integration projects. Students learn the skills, then integrate them into your desired topics.


Computing Process at Beyond Technology Education
02. Access & Equity

Next, we will help you determine what issues you have with access and equity to technology, curriculum, and training. Let’s make sure your students have the needed access.

03. Build Your ED Stack

Choosing the proper Education Stack is crucial to success. Our team will help you put the right tools in place for the best results.

04. Training

Technology is only a tool. You need the right training to use it properly. Our Professional Development courses comprehensively train your professionals to fully integrate the software the students have on their devices as well as the software are they will use in the future of work.

Computer Science Curriculum at Beyond Technology Education

Our curriculum is built around a project based learning model. At Beyond Technology we firmly believe that a project based learning model shifts the way students adopt and understand technology and improves skill retention.

Computer Programming Social Media at Beyond Technology Education

Learning how to code with HTML, PHP, and Python, are key foundational tool for future coders. These courses set up students for success in future CS courses as well as the future of work.


The primary thing that stops teachers from using technology in the classroom is a lack of confidence. Our professional learning programs focus on providing a safe space for teachers to build confidence in using the latest…

Studies at Beyond Technology Education

95% of Principals want to integrate technology into their schools classroom curriculum, but it has not happened. If integration is so important, why have so many schools neglected it?

Technology Assessment at Beyond Technology Education

Our teacher and technology assessment is designed to provide a clear vision of how your teachers use technology in a learning setting as well as the methodologies…

IT Server at Beyond Technology Education

Our technicians are trained to be efficient, reliable, able to explain issues to our clients in a clear and professional manner. Your technical issues will be logged and handled quickly and efficiently.

K - 8 Curriculum Book at Beyond Technology Education

K-8 CS Curriculum

The Beyond Technology Education K-8 curriculum is designed to develop character and inspire learning. This elementary and middle school computer curriculum empowers students with technology skills necessary to succeed in the future.

CEO Challenge

CEO Challenge 2.0 is a powerful school curriculum course that introduces middle or high school students to the principles of business startup culture and the resources available to start and grow a successful company that can solve the world’s problems.

CEO Marketing

CEO Marketing is a one-semester computer course that will challenge middle school and high school students to apply the major areas of technology in marketing a business.

Creating Change, Developing Solutions

CCDS will challenge students to identify and research a pressing social issue and create a technology-infused campaign to raise awareness.

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“With the COVID-19 lockdown, we were at a loss on how to move forward. BTE was a huge help during our COVID-19 Distance Learning transition. Because BTE’s support and Professional Learning , we are light years ahead of Blue-Ribbon Schools in our area. “

Sharon Krahl, Principal

OLPH School, Santa Clarita, CA

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“We were so behind schedule with technology integration. School started this week and the tech plan BTE developed for us is going great. Teachers and students are already in love with the program and we now have a clear and effective plan to improve the entire school technology infrastructure and classroom technology learning plan.”

Katherine Steele, Former Tech. Coordinator

Desert View Academy Charter School, Yuma, AZ

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“Our staff was way behind with technology. The BTE team did an outstanding job with the Professional Learning yesterday. Our staff was introduced to many practical ideas and relevant information. We are all better educators with confidence in our use of technology. We are all looking forward to our future Professional Learning and relationship together!”

Elizabeth Lyles, Principal

Zion Lutheran School, Anaheim, CA

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Let’s talk about technology improvements for your school,

no pressure.

Let’s connect and determine your school’s technology needs. Our thorough evaluation will determine the best next steps to advance your school into the digital world!

Technology changes every day. We are here to help!

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