Google Tips And Tricks – Post #2
5 Top Ways Technology Benefits Project- Based Learning
8 Ways to Connect Effectively With Your Students
“Generational Differences” is a real thing. Combined with massive change and the exponential growth of innovation in our world, it seems to get trickier every year to “keep up” with students.
Remember This Video From 5 Years Ago? This Is Great!
5 YEARS IN THE MAKING! What a difference 5 year makes. I’m a little grayer, Lori is in Colorado, Rick is in South Carolina and Lisa is a full-time wife and mom!
Help Build The Perfect Summer PD for K-12 Educators
I LOVE SUMMER. I like thinking about it. I like traveling during it. I like doing meaningful things that help me professionally during it.
So many educators claim to be experts or gurus. Most of them are wrong.
However, one guy does fit the bill: Richard Byrne (and not just because my dad’s name is Richard, but it doesn’t hurt!).
Google Tips and Tricks – Post #1
A Brush With Greatness, Sir Ken Robinson and Me
So many interesting things can happen when you attend the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA.
So Roger Wagner, David Thornburg and Ernie Delgado walk into a bar…
A couple CUE Conferences back I had drinks and exchanged musings with these guys, Roger Wagner and David Thornburg. Both legends in the EdTech Community and real good guys.
7 Awesome Technology Hacks To Help Manage Homework Better
As a former middle school educator, it was always a struggle for me to get my students to not only complete their homework, but also turn it in for a grade.
Your Technology Plan Needs Help (so I’ve scheduled a workshop)
THERE’S A NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN, ARE YOU PREPARED? A couple things to be aware of with our new administration… The department of education is changing. Of even greater importance is that school choice may be huge for all of us.
Top 10 Technology Blogs Every Teacher Needs To Follow (AMENDED)
Blogs are a quick and easy way to learn something new on the fly. Through blogs, you can get inspired, personalize your learning, and connect with other experts.

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