Parents’/Guardians’ Guide for Online School During COVID-19
If you’re anything like many of the adults I’ve spoken to with kids at home, you are probably going a little crazy with this online school transition. Whether you are a stay-at-home parent or someone who usually leaves the house to go to work, most of you
Top 3 Tips for Teaching Online During CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19 Times
COVID-19 has turned our world as we know it upside down. How will you survive the quarantine restrictions for an indefinite amount of time? Whether you are a teacher, parent/guardian, or student, these school closures have no doubt impacted you drastically.
On-Demand Webinar – The Future of Classroom Technology Integration
This 40-minute on-demand video will share some very telling statistics about the future our students will be living in and will provide a researched and proven model to prepare them during the school day using a standards-based integrated technology solution.
Transitioning Your Classroom to Remote Learning Due to COVID-19
This recorded webinar is going to target teachers who need assistance transitioning to remote learning as school closures have impacted districts nationwide. Join Dr. Jorge Velastegui, a veteran educator with over 24 years experience in public education
5 Methods to Overcome Standardized Test Culture
I recently came across an EdSurge article about how several states across the U.S. are revamping their state standardized tests (DeSchryver, 2019). Part of me thought, good, growth and change is always positive. The other part of me just became irritated
Learning Coding can Change the Future for Student’s
The education world is crazy for coding! Why is that? Basically coding has become a basic literacy skill in our quickly evolving digital age. If our students want to be prepared for a “very different future”, it will be important for them to understand the technology
It’s an early Tuesday morning and you are just getting the week started after a long 3-day weekend. But today is different. You’ve been hacked and are now your entire computer system and data sources are locked down and the only thing you see on your
The Top 5 Educational Practices We Can Use Today…From Finland!
Who has the best education system in the world? Did you think Finland? As an educator who teaches teachers, I hear this at least once a week…”Why can’t we have schools like Finland?” or “Finland has the best education in the world, we should be more like them!”
Ways to Manage Logins With Student or Teacher Email Accounts
Most web tools require a login with an email account. For schools using Google this is not a problem as the students already have an email and can sign into these web tools with their Google emails. But what do we do if our students do not have email
9 Ways To Spend Your End Of Year Funds. Use It or Lose It!
June 30th, 2019 is the last day to secure your district funds. If you do not spend 100% of your designated funds by the end of the fiscal year, they are gone forever! This goes for public schools and private school attempting to get their Title Funds.
Have You Ever Been Welcomed Back To School Like This!
Hey everybody, it’s me, Ernie Delgado from BEYOND Technology Education. I’m hoping you had a great summer and I’m hoping you’re ready for another school year. I know we’re all excited and there are three things I wanted to say to you today.
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