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I have always loved new tech tools. When Microsoft Office first came out I was working at a shelter organizing the database and making flyers. Microsoft was a game changer. I took time to learn all I could to do my job better. 

I then became a teacher and still used every new tool Microsoft developed. Then years later I heard about Google. Learning the Google Work Suite was exciting. And then Google offered it free to schools. I jumped on board and introduced it to our school and anyone who would listen.

Now it’s Canva.con. This company continues to wow me. Last year I had the privilege to talk with their education department. They came out with a free version for educators. I lept off my seat with excitement. This tool was transforming how I created for my class. I desired to teach other teachers how they could use this tool for lesson plans, thoughtful technology integration into their classroom and more. 

And now they have come out with a document ability. Now even more we can teach students how to create presentations, infographics and more as well as type their incredible papers that can include graphics. Their new tagline ‘The future is visual’ is spot on!

I have discovered from some schools that they did not know about the educator free version. Others are struggling converting their paid version to free. Let me help you!  

  1. Fill out this form: Canva Application
  2. Email me at I will work at getting you on the fast track to converting your paid account to the educator account.
  3. If you have never created an account and are an individual teacher at a school, go to:

Within 24-48 hours you will be up and running and creating. Also note that you can create a class where each of your students have their own safe account. I have used Canva for many of my PBL activities. Last year I had students start the school year with an ‘All about Me’ project. Then make a video, an infographic, and other presentations. There is so much you can do in Canva.

For those of you who would like training on Canva or lesson plans for your students using Canva, send us an email. Technology is always changing and we are here to help! 

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