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The current curriculum is failing students. 
For years, small improvements in the curriculum have managed to keep pace with the society we live in. 
However, in the last decade, with the exponential growth of innovative technology changing the world as we know it, that curriculum has fallen behind. 
It means students are missing out on crucial skill sets they need to shape their futures. 
This isn’t the fault of principals or teachers. 
We know you want the very best for your students and to create world-changers and a generational legacy for your school to be proud of.  
But, you simply don’t have the tools, resources, knowledge, or time to not only master and teach the skills your students need but keep up with its ever-changing nature. 
It leads to increasing frustration and self-deprecation for staff members. 
Ultimately the increasing technological gap in schools is affecting everybody from students to staff (and even worried parents!) 
Everybody wants a solution that provides: 
  • Confidence that students are getting the technological skills they need to survive and thrive in the future world they’ll work in.
  • ​Confidence that teachers can collaborate and work with their students to give them support and guidance in class. 
  • ​Confidence that the school and governing bodies are innovating at every opportunity. 

That’s Where We At BTE & Our Computer Science And Digital Literacy Curriculum Come In!

Technology is always changing, and we are here to help. 

Our overarching mission is that every student in every school has the opportunity to learn up-to-date digital literacy, computer science, graphic arts, data science, and more.  
We do all of the research, gain all of the expertise, and work out how to combine knowledge and application in the classroom, so you don’t have to. 
The result: Our project-based curriculum!  
It effortlessly integrates into any school, classroom, and existing curriculum with fully organized materials and resources. 
The benefit is twofold: 
For students, it means they get an expert curriculum on “real-world” skills to help them prepare for the rigor and challenges of the “future of work.”
For teachers, it allows them to become part of a community of educators working together to upskill themselves and their students to work towards a better future. 

Why Computer Science & Digital Literacy?

With the trajectory of current technology and the shifts it’s creating in the world we live in, computer science is fast becoming akin to math and English by way of a “must-have” qualification. 
This generation, in particular, will be expected to have basic computer science skills. 
For those that want to excel to even greater heights in their careers will need to take it a step further. 
Our Computer Science & Digital Literacy program covers all of those bases.  
We at BTE have developed a world-class computer science and programming curriculum for grades K-8 and just-in-time professional development. 
It provides classroom teachers, computer teachers, and school leaders the tools and ability to integrate this crucial technology into the school day. 
This program educates and empowers all grades. 
They will learn in each course the foundations of Computing Systems, Networks & Internet, and the Impacts of Computing.  
Then, just like any subject, they will be introduced to more complex concepts. 
These concepts align directly with Common Core Computer Science Standards, CSTA K-8 Computer Science Standards, Beyond Technology Education Scope and Sequence Framework, and the ISTE Standards for Students. 
This project-based curriculum is designed to:
  • Help students grow in content creation, coding, data analysis/visualization, and presentations.
  • ​Use a variety of current technology that is being utilized in business around the world to learn about digital citizenship/safety, computer science, graphic design, and web design.
  • ​Become goal-getters, develop relationship skills, make responsible choices, and instill a growth mindset.
  • ​And more! 


Computer Science And Digital Literacy Curriculum: “Creating World Changers”


The program covers grades K-8, and can either be acquired as one all-inclusive 4-year license, or separate curriculums based on age levels. It is project-based and builds computer science and digital literacy skills in the areas of:
  • Presentation Design
  • ​Creative Communication
  • ​Analytical Problem Solving
  • ​Computer Programming
  • ​Data Science
  • ​Design Thinking
  • ​Programming
  • ​Extensive use of Canva
  • ​And so much more

The Full Curriculum:

Unit 1

Unit 2

Unit 3

Unit 4

Content Creation
Computer Programming
Data Science
Presentation Design
Primary Technology
Word Processing, Graphics, Website & Blogging
Block Coding HTML
Spreadsheets, Data Analysis, Visualization
Multimedia Video, Stop Motion, Vlogging Screencasting
Becoming A Goal-Getter

Theme: Developing Character 

Project: Code.org 
Scratch, Decomposition, Debugging, & Looping
Making Responsible Choices
Instilling A Growth Mindset

Theme: Kindness Bucket List 

Project: Information Flyer

Theme: Choosing Gratitude


Theme: Choosing Gratitude

Theme: When I Listen, I Can Learn 
Project: Canva
Slide Deck
Theme: Goal Setting Self Control, Project: Canva Flyer, Storybook With Emojis and Informative Writing

Theme: Respect Others Project: Code.org Create a Program

Theme: Choose Perseverance Project: Spreadsheet Class Survey

Theme: Digital and Classroom Citizenship. I am Not Alone Project: Canva Collaborative Slide Deck

Theme: Learning Choices Goals Project: Canva Tree Map on Learning Choices
Theme: Social and Emotional Choices Project: Code.org, Computational Thinking, Programming Journal
Theme: Healthy Choices All Around Project: Spreadsheet, Pictograph, Bar chart
Theme: Growing in Many Areas Project: Canva Slide Deck, Gif/Meme Maker
Theme: Digital Footprint Project: Canva, Word Processing, Graphic and Bookmark
Theme: Celebrate Uniqueness Project: Code.org, Computational Thinking, Vocabulary
Theme: Choosing Time Wisely Project: Canva, Spreadsheet Physical Fitness Calculator

Theme: 6 Steps of Decision Making Project: Canva, Voice Recording, Video Clips

Theme: Smart Goals, Content Creation. Project: Create a Personal Website, Graphics With Canva
Theme: How to Listen and Respond Project: Code.org and Journal & Vocabulary Create a Program
Theme: Healthy Food Choices Project: Spreadsheet Reading and Interpreting Data

Theme: Talents Can Be Developed Through habits Project: Prezi, Stop Motion, Screen


Theme: Learning

Choices Project: Escape Room
Theme: Walking In Someone Else’s Shoes Project: Code.org, Computational Thinking, Loops, Variables, and Journals

Theme: Choices Towards Health, Health Triangle Project: Spreadsheet Data Collecting and

Visualizing Graph

Theme: Growth Mindset Design Thinking Process Project: Canva, InfoGraphic, Slide Deck,


Theme: The Power of Self-Discipline/Finding Balance Project: Creating a Website

Theme: G.R.I.T Project: HTML, Coding Journals

Theme: Care for the Earth Project: Spreadsheet Data Collecting and Visualizing Graph

Theme: Friendships and Family Project: Design Thinking, Canva, Video, Vlogging


Theme: Overcome Stress Project: Canva Influencer Blog Research

Theme: GRIT Project: HTML, Coding Journals, Create a Webpage
Theme: Let’s make healthy choices in movement. Project: Canva, Spreadsheet Data Visualization Booklet
Theme: Helping others Grow Project: Canva, Screencasting, Ideas worth spreading video
Building Self-Motivation To Accomplish Goals Project: Canva, Build Digital literacy Goals Website

Theme: GRIT Project: HTML, Coding Journals, Create a Webpage

Theme: Digital Literacy and Finances, Data Visualization Project: Spreadsheet Collection of Data, Tables, Graphics

Theme: Taking on New Challenges, The power of YET Project: Google and Canva Experts

Special 20th Anniversary Offer

To celebrate 20 years and our brand new curriculum director, Lauralyn Vasquez, you can get 20% off our full and individual Computer Science & Digital Literacy curriculums (which can save your school $1,000.00+) 
Plus, on top of that:
You will unlock access to our library of hundreds of technology projects at no additional cost. 
These will further help your students and staff improve their knowledge for the “Future Of Work.” 
And if that isn’t enough incentive, we will also include the first year of training for 1 teacher. Includes rooms, meals, transfers, special events but does not include travel (a $3,000 value!)
To recap, this offer includes:
– 20% discount
– Free access to our technology curriculum project library
– Complimentary LIVE training for 1 teacher

Available As A School OR DISCTRICT Site LICENSE.

Join Our Other School Partners In Bridging The Technology Gap

“My students are excited and ready to learn when they come in for their tech period!”
"At first, training was very overwhelming because everything was so new to me! But Lauralyn was very patient and gave me all the necessary tools I needed to start my first week in the tech program. I have loved learning the tools and resources!"
Maria Varela, Technology Instructor, City Tree, San Diego, CA
“Teachers and students are already in love with the program”
“We were so behind schedule with technology integration. School started this week and the tech plan BTE developed for us is going great. Teachers and students are already in love with the program. We now have a clear and effective plan to improve the entire school technology infrastructure and classroom technology learning plan.”
- Katherine Steele, Former Tech. Coordinator, Desert View Academy Charter School, Yuma, AZ​
“We are all better educators with confidence in our use of technology.”
“Our staff was way behind with technology. The BTE team did an outstanding job with the Professional Learning yesterday. Our staff was introduced to many practical ideas and relevant information. We are all better educators with confidence in our use of technology!”
- Elizabeth Lyles, Principal, Zion Lutheran School, Anaheim, CA
“We are light years ahead of Blue-Ribbon Schools in our area.”
“With the COVID-19 lockdown, we were at a loss on how to move forward. BTE was a huge help during our COVID-19 Distance Learning transition. Because of BTE's support and Professional Learning, we are light years ahead of Blue-Ribbon Schools in our area. “
- Sharon Krahl, Principal, OLPH School, Santa Clarita, CA​
“He was 92% through the course!”
“My students seem to be doing well with the BEYOND PHP for Students Course and their journals, one student who has independently worked ahead on the BEYOND PHP for Students Course and last I looked he was 92% through the course!”
Dave Landis, Programming Instructor for Middle School Coastline Christian School, Alameda, CA

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