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Ernie Delgado, BEYOND Technology Education Co-CEO and Co-Founder, has been in edtech for over 26 years. Ernie began his education career as a computer teacher in the Chino Valley Futurekids Computer Learning Center in Chino, California and went on to manage school computer labs all over the Southwest. He then became the Western Region Sales Director for Futurekids, Inc. As Sales Director, Ernie helped numerous schools and school districts develop meaningful technology plans that went beyond “stuff” and focused on “staff”. In 2002, with partner Rick Harrell, former President of Futurekids, Inc., Ernie and Rick founded BEYOND Technology Education. Their innovative technology planning and implementation method called SWIMGrid (School Wide Integration Model) provides a framework for school leaders to create technology plans that address teachers, students, curriculum and infrastructure.

I am a man who will positively impact everyone I meet. I will strive passionately to live, love, learn and leave a powerful legacy.
— Ernie Delgado, Personal Mission Statement

Ernie has been involved in the development of educational projects or was a featured speaker with ACSI, CUE, CAPSO, Lutheran Schools, Catholic Diocese of Orange, Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles, Catholic Diocese of San Francisco, USC, UCLA, Point Loma University, Singapore Ministry of Education, California DOE, and other state universities and DOE’s. Ernie has traveled all over the country and has worked with numerous Superintendents, Principals, Board Members, Church Pastors and parents to spread the message of the unique benefits of technology in schools. In December, 2012, Ernie spearheaded a group of educators that gathered at the Athenaeum “Library” at CalTech in Pasadena, home to 33 Nobel Prize winners, to hear a presentation by Education Evangelist, Steve Hargadon on "Hacking Your Education". In 2014, Ernie participated in Startup Weekend Riverside where he took an active role in fine tuning his skills in business development and team building. More recently, Ernie was appointed to the IMA International Executive Council by Chairman and Founder of the Internet Marketing Association, Sinan Kanatsiz.

The quality of our future depends on the quality of the questions we ask and answer today. So be bold and realize that we are creating that future right now.
— Ernie Delgado

On a personal note, Ernie has been involved with Pasadena CUE (Computer Using Educators). He was a member of the Parish Council at St. Paul the Apostle Church in Chino Hills for 3 years where he formed the 20+ Connection Young Adult Ministry and procured the building for the Damien Center Youth Ministry. Ernie served 1½ years as the President of the Chino Valley Chamber of Commerce where he also chaired the Cultural Education Committee. He currently serves on the Titan Advocates Association and volunteers to work with students each year at the “Professor for a Day” Program at CSUF. Ernie is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton with a degree in Business Administration and is a proud father and husband.

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