Imagine owning a high performance car and it’s sitting in your garage. Imagine not having fuel, driving directions, driving rules and regulations or even streets to drive it on. How useful would that car be?

Now imagine having a computer lab or mobile cart loaded with state-of-the-art computers. How about every student and teacher having their own learning device such as a laptop or tablet and no plan! Think of professional development and student curriculum as the fuel, integrated projects as the driving directions and the internet as the Superhighway in which to operate those computers. Now we can go places!

The 3rd “C” of the 3C’s model is “content”. This is where everything comes together in meaningful lesson plans that teach as well as inspire. By taking an inventory of all the technology available to the classroom and the state or core standards to be covered, our highly skilled Integration Specialists weave exciting technology into relevant classroom lesson plans. Now the computer lab or mobile computer cart is part of the learning environment and the how, where, and why is all handled. We are going places!


Our Integration component covers the critical areas of lesson plan re-creation including:


Teachers learn the process of developing rich technology projects that motivate and inspire students. The simplicity of this method is that teachers do not need to do something “new” but simply need to upgrade their existing lesson plans with technology. The skill-set developed through our Integration component will always be part of their lesson-planning strategy. In addition, teachers can collaborate and share project ideas by simply using the technology they have learned.

The tools the students learn in the BEYOND Technology Education Curriculum are applied to relevant classroom projects. Technology is infused into the regular classroom learning objectives creating more effective and efficient learning. This leads to technology integration that includes classroom content that teachers already know. We do not bring a “new” curriculum to the table but instead infuse relevant technology into the content based lesson plans teachers are already delivering.


Your School and Beyond Technology Education work together to determine content areas to integrate. Subjects include, but are not limited to: