Written to state and federal edtech standards.

Project based lessons built on a scope and sequence.

Classroom or lab materials in digital or print.

Switching to a Project Based Learning Model

Our curriculum is built around a project based learning model. At Beyond Technology we firmly believe that a project based learning model shifts the way students adopt and understand technology and improves skill retention.

Gives students targeted goals to accomplish
Build foundational skills for using technology
Projects can be adapted to fit time restraints
Built around a Scope & Sequence and meets state Computer Science Standards and ISTE Guidelines


Our lesson plans offer links and templates for some of your favorite EdTech tools and incorporates character development themes you will appreciate!

Primary Software

PC – Office / Google Workspace

MAC – iWork / Office / Google Workspace

Chromebook – Google Workspace

iPad – iWork / Office / Google Workspace

Cloud Services

PC – Dropbox / OneNote / OneDrive / Google Drive

MAC – Dropbox / iCloud / OneDrive / Google Drive

Chromebook – Dropbox / Google Drive

iPad – Dropbox / iCloud / Google Drive

Other Apps and Digital Tools

Abcmouse / Abcya Animate / Adobe Spark / Bitmoji / Brush Ninja / Canva / Canvas / Code.org / Commonsense / Edmodo / EdPuzzle / Edublogs / Flipgrid / Google Classroom / Google Forms / Google Sites / Google Jamboard / iMovie / Kahoot / Padlet / Pixton / Powtoon / Quizlet / Scratch / Screencastify / Socrative / StoryBoardThat / Twistedwave / Vocaroo / Weebly / WeVideo

Class Training at Beyond Technology Education

Primary Project Themes

Overall Curriculum Theme – Creating World Changers

Unit One – Becoming A Goal Getter

Unit Two – Relationship Skills

Unit Three – Making Responsible Choices

Unit Four – Instilling A growth Mindset

Our Computer Science and

Literacy Curriculum

K-8 CS Curriculum

The Beyond Technology Education K-8 curriculum is designed to develop character and inspire learning while empowering students with technology skills necessary to succeed in the future.

CEO Challenge

CEO Challenge 2.0 is a powerful course that introduces middle or high school students to the principles of business startup culture and the resources available to start and grow a successful company that can solve the world’s problems.

CEO Marketing

CEO Marketing is a one-semester computer course that will challenge students to apply the major areas of technology in marketing a business.

Creating Change, Developing Solutions

CCDS will challenge students to identify and research a pressing social issue and create a technology-infused campaign to raise awareness.

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“With the COVID-19 lockdown, we were at a loss on how to move forward. BTE was a huge help during our COVID-19 Distance Learning transition. Because BTE’s support and Professional Learning , we are light years ahead of Blue-Ribbon Schools in our area. “

Sharon Krahl, Principal

OLPH School, Santa Clarita, CA

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“We were so behind schedule with technology integration. School started this week and the tech plan BTE developed for us is going great. Teachers and students are already in love with the program and we now have a clear and effective plan to improve the entire school technology infrastructure and classroom technology learning plan.”

Katherine Steele, Former Tech. Coordinator

Desert View Academy Charter School, Yuma, AZ

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

“Our staff was way behind with technology. The BTE team did an outstanding job with the Professional Learning yesterday. Our staff was introduced to many practical ideas and relevant information. We are all better educators with confidence in our use of technology. We are all looking forward to our future Professional Learning and relationship together!”

Elizabeth Lyles, Principal

Zion Lutheran School, Anaheim, CA


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