Snapshot of the World


Snapshot of the World will teach your students how to use and apply the major areas of technology in creating a multimedia travel magazine filled with articles that showcase several countries around the world. The articles will explore a different topic for each country selected. The specific topics are based on three main categories. The categories are social, geographic and cultural structures. This curriculum will also give your students a foundation in graphic manipulation and editing skills by using Photoshop Elements.

This four-unit curriculum will have students writing an article in the first three units and compiling the articles into a multimedia magazine in the fourth unit. The first article will be in a newsletter format and the second article will be in a blog format. The third article will be in a brochure format.

Students will be using nine major technology areas to create their projects. These technology areas are:

  • Word Processing
  • Database
  • Spreadsheets
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Graphics
  • Multimedia
  • Internet
  • Operating System
  • Computer Basics

Students will also be learning and working with the technology areas of advanced graphic manipulation and graphic editing.

On the first day of class, each student will determine the countries, categories and topics each article will focus in on.

This is a 90-hour course divided into 4 units.

  • Unit 1: Developing and Creating Article 1 Newsletter Style
  • Unit 2: Developing and Creating Article 2 Newspaper Style
  • Unit 3: Developing and Creating Article 3 Brochure Style
  • Unit 4: Producing Travel Magazine

Since this course is modular, it can be adjusted to:

  • 90 hours by doing units 1-4
  • 36 or 24 hours by doing only units 1 and 4
  • Most projects can be modified to fit within a certain time restraint