As part of a 3 to 4 year school-wide technology integration plan, BTE can assist the school as they prepare and migrate to the realization of a device for every student. This can be done for select grades, departments or the entire school. BTE will be sure the school makes the correct decision regarding which device to purchase or lease, storage, wireless connectivity, security and all other issues that come along with a one-to-one initiative.


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Setting up a mobile computer environment at your school has many complexities. It starts with purchasing the right equipment. Did you buy large capacity batteries? Did you get the right computer cart that will fit the machine you chose and will it power up correctly? Did you even think about power management over a school day? How about warranty? Who’s going to set it up?

BTE has been working with mobile computer carts for over 10 years and is well aware of the many issues that come along with it. Bring us on board as you make these decision and let us tailor a solution that will bring not only equipment to your school but a complete technology plan so those machines will be used correctly and get the most use. Go Beyond just technology!

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Digital white boards are all the rage. Have your teachers been trained on how to use them? Have your classroom lesson plans been modified to allow for using these tools in the most effective way? Do you have someone to help you choose the right one and install it?

Have your teachers been trained on how to work a digital projector? Have your old chalk boards been covered with modern white boards?

Have you seen the new all-in-one projectors that turn any white board into a touch screen?

BTE has installed hundreds of these systems and knows how to help you choose the correct solution and also help you pick the best spot to install them. In fact we will even install and train your teachers how to use them. Our approach ensures that whatever tools you choose to bring to your classrooms will be used in the most effective way with students by providing training and integrated lessons that embrace your school’s technology.

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