Burning Questions I Would Ask the State Superintendent of Schools


Recently I was asked to part of a survey that was designed to get feedback from technology leaders from all over our state. The survey wanted to know: “What are the burning issues that technology leaders face today that perhaps the State could assist with?”

First of all, I would like to say that this a great question. Second, I don’t think I have ever been asked such a question. Here is what I said…


Burning Item # 1

Would the State support an initiative or coalition to rethink school and investigate radical new models to prepare teachers and educate students?

I was just reading another post by Dr. Malia Hoffmann where she explained the radically different way students are taught in Finland and the amazing results that country has realized. That is just one of many examples of doing things radically different.


Burning Item # 2

Would the State support a massive cooperative content project that would link educational standards and common core with real world business sponsored projects, accessible for free and distributed electronically?

A recent study illustrated that one of the key concerns of teachers with regards to technology is access to relevant content. Not only that but the business community has regularly questioned the process of getting students prepared for the “real world”. Students love to see real world examples of how their learning can apply to their future.

Burning Item # 3

Has the State ever considered developing a 24-hour guideline(s) to help students and families understand the importance of “outside the classroom” time which could include, but not be limited to, dietary and sleep recommendations, fitness and weight goals, homework clubs and other evening and after school support resources which could all be tracked and monitored via emerging wearable technology?

It has been noted by many education leaders that it is difficult to have an even playing field in the classroom when students are not always showing up equally ready and prepared. The last thing parents want are more rules on how they should raise their kids. However, a well-intentioned parent would love to see guidelines and best practices on how to get their student ready for their school day. If data can be shared with these parents, hopefully they will realize where changes need to happen in their child’s life. The technology to do this is available now!

This was an exciting exercise for me. I encourage you to comment on my wild ideas and to share wild ideas of your own.

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