Memories from Day 1 at ISTE 2013 with Beyond Technology
Around 20 thousand educators, thousands of vendors, and 100s of daily workshops are part of the San Antonio, TX ISTE Conference this year. It was an overwhelming spectacle to take in. The opening keynote, Jane McGonigal, was interesting and engaging, sharing her perspective on gaming in education. She kicked off the conference on Sunday night. …

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Which 1:1 Tool is Best for Classroom and Mobile Computing
As school’s race to provide 1:1 (one mobile device for each students) technology for classroom and mobile computing to their students the debate continues… “What is the best tool for our schools to use in a 1:1 environment?”
With 1:1 or BYOD is Computer Curriculum Still Necessary?
As mobile student and teacher devices (iPads, smart phones, laptops, Chromebooks, Android and Surface tablets, etc.) become more commonplace in our schools, technology planning becomes more important than ever. The question I hear often is “When we move to a device friendly environment, ie. one-to-one, is student computer curriculum still necessary?” The answer is a …

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4 Reasons Your School Technology Plan Outline Needs a Mobile App
When was the last time you turned to your smartphone to locate an ATM or a restaurant? How about to check your bank account, pay your bills, monitor your fitness program or buy those shoes you fell in love with? Maybe you just used your mobile phone to plan your next trip to the beach?

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