iPad Training for Teachers
So your district decided to jump on the iPad bandwagon a few years ago, the shininess of the devices has worn off, and now you are trying to figure out how to use them in your classroom.
The State of the Union Address Addresses the State of Education
Inspiration, hope, happiness, opportunity. These are words that can easily describe how many Americans felt after watching the 2016 and final State of the Union Address by President Obama.
Free Productivity Tools For Your School Showdown: Google vs. Microsoft?
Professional Development Strategies | Build your PLN by Attending an EdCamp
  On Saturday, November 7th, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending an EdCamp on Cal State Fullerton’s Campus (search the #EdCampNOC to access the resources and what people were saying that day). If you have never attended or heard of EdCamps you are not alone.
Simple Steps to Become a Google School [VIDEO]
How To Prepare Your Staff For A New Technology Curriculum In K-12 Schools
The 21st century is synonymous with the age of technology, and therefore has transformed education in ways that affect both teaching and learning. Implementing technology integration and new technology curriculum in K-12 schools is a major emphasis for principals and superintendents who also need to know how to prepare their staff for the necessary changes.
3 Key Attributes of A Well Connected Teacher
What does it take to be great? A device in the hands of every student is not the ultimate answer. To make technology come together in the classroom takes a teacher with a unique set of skills.
A quote about the future…
Originally posted February 19, 2014. “ The quality of our future depends on the quality of questions we ask & answer today. Be bold & realize that we are creating that future now.
Was there life before Google? Migrating your school to Google G Suite For Education
  I seriously cannot remember what my life was like before I knew Google Drive and Apps for Education (GAFE). Google has made my life easier in so many ways from shared calendars that keep my students’ assignment due dates organized (our Learning Management System (LMS) is lacking a robust calendar), to collaborative productivity documents …

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Why Technology Workshops for Teachers Are Really Necessary
So often when I talk with teachers, they express frustration about a lack of support in their professional development. The focus and emphasis is largely on the technology tools that are provided to their students and teachers, with a lack in supporting teachers in appropriate pedagogical strategies to use those technologies. Teachers are asking for …

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Does K-12 Need Cloud Computing or Curriculum Integration Workshops?
I came across an article on ZDNet that is proclaiming that China has modernized its education system because it has installed 6,000 cloud service terminals in 300 schools. The article goes on to say that the project will save money and optimize resource allocation. I agree with the last part but I have a problem …

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What is Education Like in Cuba?
  So Cuba is now in play. This is fascinating to me. My entire life I have been told and indoctrinated into thinking that Cuba is bad. It’s Communist and so it’s bad. I’m wise enough to now know that it’s not the people that are bad but possibly the government. I guess that’s open …

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