Teaching in the “Middle East” Can Be Rewarding But Risky?
Vicar Andrew White from the Iraqi church in Baghdad spoke at the Shabbat service I attended in Jerusalem today. It was an honor to meet such a man of faith and courage who has been a voice for persecuted peoples throughout the Middle East.
Courage And Hope Drove This Teacher To The Middle East
It’s not about me, but I used to think it was! I was raised in Indiana where I attended Heritage Christian School. Although I was brought up in a Christian environment as a child and teenager, I didn’t consider faith in God an important part of life as an adult. Religion seemed to work for …

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Together we can do so much…
Our community of innovative educators is growing and I am so thankful for that! As Ms. Keller so admirably pointed out above, we need each other if we are to grow.
Why Teaching Palestinian Students Is A Tremendous Challenge
This last week we began teacher training and curriculum planning. I will be coordinating with a local Christian Palestinian teacher who will be presenting the Palestinian Authority’s social studies lessons while I’ll be teaching from an American textbook.
Top 5 Free Educational Apps
How do you motivate unmotivated students? The million dollar question. We use all the technology we can think of in hopes to inspire motivation. We have interactive SmartBoards, iPads, iPods, ChromeBooks, laptops, computer labs, Apple TVs, robust wifi, yet there are still those students who don’t seem to be phased by it. Why are they …

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6 Popular Classroom Blogging Ideas
  I recently heard someone say, there’s no such thing as a bad blog. I sat and pondered it for a bit and tried to understand it. To me it was like saying, there’s no bad writing. Which, as teachers, let’s be honest, that isn’t true. But sinking down to the heart of that statement …

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Should You Use Snapchat In Your Classroom?
DO YOU USE SNAPCHAT? If you know any teens you have probably heard of Snapchat. You may have even been convinced to dabble with it yourself and see if it is a real world technology. Nevertheless, there are several prospective educational uses, but let me first give you an overview of the the app.
Personal vs Professional Learning Networks To Improve Teaching Strategy
  The acronym PLN is often used interchangeably to describe both personal and professional learning networks to improve teaching strategy. However, there is a difference between the two of them. That difference lies in that a personal learning network is individually chosen by the teacher, where he/she makes online connections with a diverse collection of …

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Should You Use Social Networks with Your Students Project Based Learning Lessons?
The acronym PLN is often used interchangeably to describe both personal and professional learning networks to improve teaching strategy. However, there is a difference between the two of them.
Education Technology Research Asks Laptops or Tablets?
I came across this Pearson’s education technology research study stating that college students across America still prefer laptops over mobile devices. Eighty-seven percent of the 1,211 in this Pearson study preferred laptops, Chromebooks, or Netbooks, etc. (Poll, 2015).
Burning Questions I Would Ask the State Superintendent of Schools
  Recently I was asked to part of a survey that was designed to get feedback from technology leaders from all over our state. The survey wanted to know: “What are the burning issues that technology leaders face today that perhaps the State could assist with?”
Schools of the Future or Schools of Today?
  Often we hear that our education system needs reform. But what does reform mean; what does that reform look like? How should our schools of the future look?

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