An Introduction To Dr. Long From Long Educational Services

Every now and then you come across an educator who not only gets you but has the gift to pour that depth of insight into your soul with active listening and care.

As a computer curriculum writer and educator, I’ve been alongside many educators and administrators who know they need self-care so that they can pour into others. They love the students, families, and staff. But the long work weeks and current climate have let them know they need some pouring into.

In walks Dr. Susie Long to our conference. Dr. Long is a retired instructional leader who has served the private and public school communities as a Principal, Curriculum and Instruction Specialist, and Special Education Administrator for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

During her tenure at From the Heart Christian School, students were accepted into some of the most prestigious universities and colleges in the world. Among which are Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Howard University, Yale University, Oxford University, Fordham University, Spelman College, and so many more. Before retiring in July 2022, Dr. Long continued to serve as the Instructional Coordinator for three additional years.

With more than forty years in education, Dr. Long has presented and facilitated a wide range of Staff Training and Professional Development for administrators, general and special educators, and paraprofessionals in both public and faith-based schools.

She will be providing a special track for administrators. If you are a BTE client or a Curriculum Trak client, the daily sessions are FREE. The administrator’s track will also have sessions on how administrators can use ChatGPT, discussions on the ethics of AI, and how to come up with an AI plan for your school.

We asked Dr. Long to take a moment and let us know what she is doing and offering to teachers and administrators. Her desire is that

“All students can meet the school outcomes and educational expectations once they are provided with quality instructional leadership, effectively trained teachers, challenging and engaging instruction, and a safe and enriching learning environment.”  

– Susie A. Long, Ed.D.

Recently Dr. Long started Long Educational Consulting, LLC. Below are her words on how she is helping schools across the country.

Never has there been a more important time in the history of education for training, professional growth, and professional development in America’s schools. 

Educators are apprehensive about meeting the challenges and demands brought on by political debates, social-emotional concerns, and complex societal issues that impact every classroom in private and public schools. 

Long Educational Consulting, LLC understands these challenges and strives to assist administrators and teachers with successfully preparing students for college and careers. 

We offer online courses, professional development, staff training, and upon request, additional administrative support. Our educational facilitators utilize research-based methods and resources that are engaging, interactive, reflective, and rigorous. 

Administrators are offered transformative leadership tools for improving academic programs and increasing teacher capacity. Also provided are limited consultations that focus on the “How to” of meeting state requirements for graduation; effectively addressing teacher retention; the importance of content area learning communities; and ensuring teachers use the most effective pedagogical approaches. 

Course offerings for experienced, career-change, and new teachers consist of curriculum design and the mapping process, standards-based curriculum guides, pedagogical approaches, and instructional tools for new and career-change teachers. 

Services are presented both virtually and, (depending on location), face-to-face. To learn more about our services, go to We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you at the conference! 

Susie A. Long, Ed.D. Long Educational Consulting, LLC


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