An introduction to our services…

BEYOND Technology Education lives its Mission of “inspiring K-12 administrators, teachers and students to use computer technology to improve innovation, complex problem solving and creative thinking within their classroom curriculum.” We do this by helping teachers, students, administrators, parents and all stake holders of a school to understand and value the integration of technology into the entire school culture. This process is not a simple hardware fix or software solution. This process is done in several steps that evaluate teachers, students, curriculum and the school’s infrastructure. Once this has begun, a full school Integration plan can be developed and implemented using the “SWIM Grid” (School Wide Integration Model) Philosophy. The benefits of a BEYOND Technology Education SWIM Grid Plan are:

Return on Investment – teachers teaching better and students learning better through engaging lesson plans that incorporate complex problem solving, higher order thinking skills and impact your curriculum without playing games. Lifelong Learning – teachers and students developing a problem solving ability to keep pace with the changes in technology that they will undoubtedly encounter throughout their educational and professional careers.

Computer Fluency – the ability to understand the “tool”, how to use it and when to use it, taught within the school’s academic curriculum framework.

School-Wide Technology Integration – technology becomes seamless and is no longer an optional add-on but a truly integrated part of the culture and DNA of the school. This is accomplished by bringing the ISTE guidelines into the classroom curriculum with classroom teachers orchestrating just-in-time learning plans allowing for 100% of your students accessing quality technology enriched lesson plans.

The “3 C’s” for Teacher Productivity – Research proves that technology alone is not the answer. The missing link in many technology plans is The 3 “C’s” of professional development. In order for technology to effectively impact the classroom curriculum, your teachers need to have:

“Confidence“. Basic level and intermediate level professional development for teachers that provides demonstration, practice, trial and error and more practice to build teacher confidence.

“Competence“. By modeling a skilled computer teacher using age and grade appropriate technology skills and weaving them into relevant educational themes teachers learn “on the job” while assisting the computer teacher and get a chance to learn best practices.

“Content“. This is where everything comes together through meaningful standards-based lesson plans that teach as well as inspire. By taking an inventory of all the technology available to the classroom and the state or core standards, our highly skilled Integration Specialists weave exciting technology projects into existing classroom lesson plans. Classroom teachers see their lesson plans transformed into current and powerful, technology enriched 21st Century projects.

Our philosophies promote inspired teachers, motivated students and excited parents. We carefully develop a sustainable, three-year or four-year technology implementation plan for complete school-wide technology integration that utilizes academically and fiscally sound methods. This happens by simply applying researched and proven methods that have been updated and modified for each unique school setting. The three steps include:

  1. Training teachers
  2. Training students
  3. Integrating technology into the classroom curriculum

Basically we want to move the entire school BEYOND what is believed to be achievable today. BTE was co-founded by education industry veterans Ernie Delgado and Rick Harrell.