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9 Ways To Spend Your End Of Year Funds. Use It or Lose It!

June 30th, 2019 is the last day to secure your district funds.  If you do not spend 100% of your designated funds by the end of the fiscal year, they are gone forever! This goes for public schools and private school attempting to get their Title Funds.

Don’t leave money on the table!

Here are 8 ideas (plus a bonus idea!) that can help you to be sure that all of your funds are secure and going towards programs and upgrades that will benefit your school, your students and promote higher achieving students.

1. Teacher Training

Is there ever enough training for your teachers?  With so many new ideas and technologies to understand and apply, this can be a perfect opportunity to schedule some large or small group training or some one on one coaching and mentoring.  Google Classroom, personalized instruction, presentation tools, ipad basics?  We have you covered. PD = $200 per hour, minimum of 3 hours.

2. Technology Courses for Students

If you haven’t noticed, “The Future Of Work” is very different and preparing students needs to keep pace.  Our latest Business Applications course is called CEO Challenge 2.0 and provides students with the tools to be an entrepreneur.  Course with training, on-going support and unlimited student use per school = $7,000.

3. Custom Technology Lessons

So, maybe a truck backed up to your school and unloaded a Chromebook, laptop or iPad for every student and teacher.  Maybe it is several months later and you are not getting the value that you anticipated.  What we have learned is that often times it is the lack of quality “content” that brings the technology and your curriculum together to solve powerful education problems.  Let us team up with your teaching staff and evaluate your existing curriculum and develop custom projects that helps you get a higher level of instruction from your new technology purchases.  No games!  Grade level or subject specific project scoping and development = $550 to $650 per project.

4. IT Upgrades and Support

Is your server on it’s last leg?  Is your wireless failing in certain parts of your school?  Maybe you need a new IP enabled phone system or maybe a weekly technician to solve tech problems at your school.  Let BTE evaluate your situation and make recommendations on how we can get it all fixed and provide an ongoing solution to your IT needs.  As low as $75 per hour, minimum of 3 hours.

5. In-Class Coaching and Mentoring

Often times, your teaching staff will have a couple hold outs.  You have sent them to conferences and provided training and support but they are still not getting it done.  Allow us to develop a customized approach to their training needs by doing a technology assessment with those teachers and provide personal, support in their classroom live or via web tools.  As low as $200 per hour.

6. New Chromebook, laptop or iPad carts

If your technology needs include a mobile lab or maybe one or two computers per classroom, we can help.  Chromebooks as low as $200 per device.

7. Secure a NEW Technology Curriculum for your Computer Teacher

If your computer teacher is developing their own lessons, then they are wasting a ton of time.  Our K-8 computer lab curriculum is updated every year and built around our scope and sequence.  Lesson plans, assessment tools, rubrics, training and on-going support are all built into this world class, project based,  curriculum.  BTE K-8 Computer Lab Curriculum $,6,500 to $11,000 fo 4 years of unlimited use at a school.

8. Send your Computer Teacher to a SPECIALIZED Training

Calling yourself a “Computer Teacher” does not make you a complete computer teacher.  Our specialized computer training meeting every summer will give your computer teacher the tools, strategies and confidence to become a master computer teacher.  The first year of training is included with the K-8 Computer Lab Curriculum above.  This summer’s training will be held at the Palm Springs Hilton July 26th to 29th, 2019.  Computer teacher training and support, first year FREE with purchase of curriculum, $2,000 per year after that.

9. BONUS IDEA!!!  Educator Webinar

Join us to explore the eye-opening statistics regarding the future of work and how to prepare students for a very different future.  Learn a new strategy that will help your school leverage new technology to improve teaching and learning and prepare your students for a very different future. Watch On-Demand Webinar Now!

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