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4 Reasons Your School Technology Plan Outline Needs a Mobile App

When was the last time you turned to your smartphone to locate an ATM or a restaurant? How about to check your bank account, pay your bills, monitor your fitness program or buy those shoes you fell in love with? Maybe you just used your mobile phone to plan your next trip to the beach?

It likely wasn’t more than a few hours ago…

Smartphones have enabled us to practically live our lives on the go, helping us make time for all the things that our busy schedules often don’t allow for. With smartphones becoming your trusted help, catering to EVERY need that you have, shouldn’t you give your parents, staff, alumni, and related stakeholders the convenience to access information about your school on the go?

Here are 4 reasons Your School should have a Mobile Communications Solution:

1. Mobile Trend

According to Pew Internet research, 85% of American adults own a Mobile phone and now use the devices to do much more than just make phone calls. While 56% of Mobile phone users access the internet, 43% of them download apps. Tapping into the trend of increased mobile usage, more and more schools are turning to mobile apps to better engage with their community.

2. Increased Engagement

The involvement of parents and the greater community in the process of a child’s education is critical. Engaged communities result in higher academic and social outcomes, stronger values, and increased future success in a child’s life. With hectic work schedules, it’s not always easy for parents to be as engaged in their child’s education as they would like to be. A mobile app is an instant solution for parents, alumni and other stakeholders to access all school-related information anytime, anywhere.

3. Greater Edge

A lot of schools are already leveraging the power of mobile apps for greater cohesion between their teachers, parents and alumni. Moreover, schools with a mobile solution have a higher propensity of getting more referrals as parents really help spread the word about the school and the apps can easily be downloaded by anyone from any of the popular app stores.

4. Budget Friendly

With the gaining popularity of school apps, it is becoming easier to find School Mobile App solutions providers who can make customized apps for your schools at low costs. The pay as you go or easy subscription based models make it very convenient for schools to get exactly what they want without exhausting their budgets.

Still THINKING about getting a mobile app for your school? It’s time to spring into action! Crescerance is a trusted partner of Beyond Technology Education and has helped public and private schools across the country Go Mobile. Get in touch with them today to learn more about how you can increase the engagement of your community in the vital on goings of your school.


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