Ways to Manage Logins With Student or Teacher Email Accounts

Hi Teachers! I wanted to spend a little bit of time talking about web tools and email accounts.

Most web tools require a login with an email account. For schools using Google this is not a problem as the students already have an email and can sign into these web tools with their Google emails.

But what do we do if our students do not have email accounts? I wanted to offer up a few suggestions to help you get started this year!


1. Teacher Created Email Account 

You can use your own teacher email to create an account that the students can have access to. You can create as little as one account or use the classroom teacher’s email and create an account for each class. 

All the students in the class or school would be using the same account so you would most definitely need to set parameters with the students about how to use the account responsibly and not touch other student work. 

2. Parent Created Email Account

You can send home a letter to the parents letting them know you will be using the specific web tool in class and ask the parents to create a login account for the student.

Make sure the letter has a spot for the parents to fill out the username and password information. Then, have the students bring this information back in.

Most parents are more than willing to create an account for our web tools. These web tools are all educational based and by having the parents create the accounts, the students can also go on the accounts at home! It is a win-win for everyone! Please check with your admin before sending home any letters. 


Do You Have Any Other Suggestions?

Does anyone have any other suggestions, workarounds, questions, or parent letters they have already created? Please share with us below!


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