A Brush With Greatness, Sir Ken Robinson and Me

So many interesting things can happen when you attend the annual CUE Conference in Palm Springs, CA.

“Creativity now, is as important as literacy and we should treat it with the same status.”

— Sir Ken Robinson

In addition to great workshops, interesting lectures and the absorption of EdTech culture, true innovation is an obvious by-product for an EdTech product and services guy like me.

On one above average day in the desert, I listened to and met Sir Ken Robinson.

“If you are not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original”

— Sir Ken Robinson

If you do not know Sir Ken you need to. He has the Number One (#1), Numero Uno, Ted Talk. If you have not watched “Do Schools Kill Creativity”, again, you should. There is his original talk and an animated talk that I prefer.

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson works with governments, education systems, international agencies, global corporations and some of the world’s leading cultural organizations to unlock the creative energy of people and organizations. He has led national and international projects on creative and cultural education in the UK, Europe, Asia and the United States. The embodiment of the prestigious TED Conference and its commitment to spreading new ideas, Sir Ken Robinson is the most watched speaker in TED’s history. His 2006 talk, “Do Schools Kill Creativity” has been viewed online over 40 million times and seen by an estimated 350 million people in 160 countries.

from http://sirkenrobinson.com/about

Our task is to educate their whole being so they can face this future. By the way, we may not see this future, but they will. Our job is to help them make something of it.

— Sir Ken Robinson


If you live in a city, look around as you walk about at night. Look at the shadows cast by street lamps, headlights.

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