Equipping Schools For a Digital World

The world is innovating at an exponential rate. Let us help you innovate your school to prepare students for a very different future.

Professional Learning

The BTE team will assess, train and support your classroom teachers .

Lesson Integration

BTE integrates your lessons and ensure they are age and grade appropriate.

Technology Curriculum

BTE's project-based K-8 and High School computer science/literacy curriculum equips students for the future.

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

"With the COVID-19 lockdown, we were at a loss on how to move forward. BTE was a huge help during our COVID-19 Distance Learning transition. Because BTE's support and Professional Learning , we are light years ahead of Blue-Ribbon Schools in our area. "

Sharon Krahl, Principal

OLPH School, Santa Clarita, CA

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

"We were so behind schedule with technology integration. School started this week and the tech plan BTE developed for us is going great. Teachers and students are already in love with the program and we now have a clear and effective plan to improve the entire school technology infrastructure and classroom technology learning plan."

Katherine Steele, Former Tech. Coordinator

Desert View Academy Charter School, Yuma, AZ

Our School Partners Tell Our Story Better

"Our staff was way behind with technology. The BTE team did an outstanding job with the Professional Learning yesterday. Our staff was introduced to many practical ideas and relevant information. We are all better educators with confidence in our use of technology. We are all looking forward to our future Professional Learning and relationship together!"

Elizabeth Lyles, Principal

Zion Lutheran School, Anaheim, CA


BTE's Online Learning Plan

When Online Learning Is Your Only Option

01. Action Plan Team

We will work with you to build the right team across stakeholders to not only implement but get buy in from your staff.

06. Iterate

Just like Silicon Valley we have to be prepared to iterate as needed. Our team stays up to date with the latest technology so your never left behind.

05. Curriculum Design

The BTE team is here to make sure we are not just throwing technology at the problem, but also that its seamlessly integrated into your curriculum.

02. Access & Equity

Next, we will help you determine what issues you have with access and equity to technology. Let's make sure your students have the needed access.

03. Build Your ED Stack

Choosing the proper Education Stack is crucial to success. Our team will help you put the right tools in place for the best results.

04. Professional Learning

Technology is only a tool. You have to have the right Professional Learning to use it properly. Our team will support your staff, students, and parents.

Helping Schools Across America

Take Technology to the Next Level

Is Your School Ready to Go Beyond Technology?

Let’s connect and determine your school’s technology needs. Our thorough evaluation will determine the best next steps to advance your school into the digital world!

Preparing students and teachers for a very different future!

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